Call Sunshine Skin Clinic – No Referral Necessary

At Sunshine Skin Clinic we are a dedicated team of professionals and pride ourselves on ensuring your health is priority.
Our fully qualified and experienced Doctors offer in-clinic services so you can avoid lengthy stays in hospitals and other specialist centres.


Our new treatments and therapies are changing the odds for patients with skin cancer – with advancements still being researched having your skin taken care of by professionals who specialise in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of different types of skin cancers is essential.

Latest Skin Technology

You’ll find that the latest technology at Sunshine Skin Clinic is cutting edge. It has to be – after all, it’s your life on the line…

Is that spot a melanoma?

Skin cancer generally stands out as being quite different to surrounding skin. If a spot strikes you as being a bit odd, take it seriously…

Our Exceptional Team

When you’re getting a skin check for skin cancer, you want to be absolutely sure that you’re getting the best person for the job

Call Sunshine Skin Clinic on 02 3177 1080 for a skin checkup – no referral necessary.


When you’re after peace of mind about a bothersome spot or your skin in general, you want to be treated first as a whole human being (not a series of body parts). You also want to be looked after by seasoned expert doctors who just love helping patients like you reduce their risk of having their lives upended by an aggressive skin cancer as much as possible by combining their experience with cutting edge technology.


At Sunshine Skin Clinic, that’s exactly what you’ll find;

  • caring, experienced doctors with decades of skin cancer treatment expertise
  • top notch imaging technologies that can uncover a developing melanoma the size of a pinhead
  • backed up by skin cancer specialist pathologists that provide the latest in skin cancer pathology testing